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Zoya goes pretty

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The people by "Zoya Goes Pretty" believe life beats in the pure nature and its simple and genuine designs.
That is why they created the skin care using 100% raw, unrefined and organic butters. They melt them together below 40°to give you a unique, yet simple skincare. Their butter blends are 100% raw, unrefined and organic – keeping all essential nutrients, just as nature intended.
They believe in pure skin care
All of their blends are as simple as possible with cold-pressed Shea butter and are melted below 40° to keep all essential nutrients.

Our butters are organic and unrefined. No processing, no toxic chemicals, no human spoil. Only the simplest and purest combination of natural butters – good for your face, good for your body
Zoya goes prettty

Producten van Zoya Goes Pretty in de webshop Bio Amable:

90g pure Shea butter *cold-pressed

90g Shea butters with Jojoba

90g Fruity Balms 

Rosehip face care

  • Rosehip face balm - 30g 
  • Rosehip face balm 60g jar 
  • Bulgarian Rosehip & Rose facial spray 50ml 

60g jar - Shea butters 

60g jar - Fruity Balms 

10ml Roll-on

  • Rosehip & Rose Roll-on - 10ml
  • Rosehip, Rose, Argan, Frankincense - anti age - Roll-on - 10ml
  • Bulgarian Rosehip oil Roll-on - 10ml 

Pure oils

  • Bulgarian Rosehip oil - wildcrafted & cold-pressed 15ml
  • Bulgarian Rosehip oil - wildcrafted & cold-pressed 50ml